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Week 2: Bridges









By the end of this week you will have:


  • learned about different types of bridges
  • learned about the materials used for bridge construction
  • learned about the technology behind the construction of bridges
  • read and discussed about the benefits of bridges
  • taken notes on videos related to bridges
  • recorded your conclusions about the content discussed during the week.





Monday & Wednesday


During this week, you will look for information about bridges :


  • What they are
  • Different types of bridges
    • Characteristics
    • Materials used
    • Technology involved in their contruction
    • Advantages and disadvantages
    • Examples of bridges found in the world
  • How bridges can influence life in a place (city, town, nation)


In order to show your understanding of the topic, you will have to complete the following activities in your wiki, on a page called bridges


  1. Take notes about the videos and video clips viewed
  2. Illustrate your notes with images
  3. Add new words learned to the class glossary in Moodle (see instructions in the glossary)
  4. Write an illustrated summary about the points specified above (at the bottom of the summary, add the resources you used to find the information).
  5. Record your summary using My Chingo, Springdoo or Viewpoint
  6. Add the recording to your bridges wiki page.


NOTE: Remember that your summary should have a title, an introduction, the main ideas on the topics and finally, a conclusion with your opinion and the references of the sites and videos you have used. **DO NOT copy and paste. Use your own words (paraphrase). Otherwise you will have to redo your work.




  • for fun complete this puzzle, and tell us what kind of bridge it is ;-)


|Click to Mix and Solve

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